Please Be Safe & Sober This Holiday Season

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PA Car Accidents: PennDOT & Police Strive to Reduce DUIs / Impaired Driving this Holiday Season

Erie PA DUI Attorney | Car Accident Lawyer | The Travis Law FirmDrive Sober or Get Pulled Over – That’s the slogan of a well-known national enforcement initiative aimed to reduce arrests and injuries from DUIs and other Impaired Driving offenses. Teamed with municipal police, PennDOT and PA State Troopers are concentrating their efforts on reducing DUI related injuries, and other car accidents involving drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Related Car Accident Statistics

According to PennDOT data, There were 3,306 drug-related car accident cases in Pennsylvania in 2012. 126 deaths were reported in those accidents. There were 3,267 drug-related car accidents in 2013 – killing 143 people. There were 11,023 car accidents termed as alcohol-related accident in 2013 which resulted in 369 people being killed.

DUI Arrest Statistics for Pennsylvania

54,121 people were arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania during 2013 alone. DUI-drug arrests climb every year and in 2013, the total reached 10,045. Over 30 percent of all Pennsylvania’s traffic deaths are attributed to alcohol-related accidents.

Please Drive Safe & Sober Holiday Season

We cannot urge you enough to designate a driver if you plan on drinking this holiday season. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs may not only injure you, but may injure an innocent bystander. The best way to avoid injuries sustained in a car accident is to avoid the accident altogether.

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