8 Common Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make in Erie, PA

If you have a car accident in Erie, PA don’t make these common mistakes.

Many car accident victims don’t get the full compensation they deserve. This is most often due to the mistakes they make that hurt their injury case. Here are eight of the most common mistakes to avoid after having an auto accident in Erie, Pennsylvania.

1. Giving statements to the insurance adjusters without consulting an Eric PA lawyer first.

An adjuster will most likely try to get a recorded statement right after an accident. They might appear sympathetic and friendly but the adjuster is trying to get you to make damaging statement so your insurance company will not have to pay you as much money. These adjusters are well trained to try to get the accident victim to say damaging statements about their case to reduce the payout. Therefore it is very important to first consult your lawyer before giving any statements.

2. Signing insurance documents without first getting advice from your attorney.

Insurance adjusters will try to get you to sign forms and legal docs the will ultimately help the insurance company and not you. These docs might include medical record requests and even a “release” checks that will quickly close your case. Insurance adjusters often misled accident victims by getting them to sign documents that will end their claims with very little money paid out. Consult your injury lawyer before signing any forms that your insurance company provides you so you don’t make a costly mistake.

3. Not getting detailed information at the scene of the accident.

It is very important to get the correct information at the scene of the accident so your lawyer can best prepare your case. Get key information like the name, address and phone numbers of all the accident witnesses. Be sure to record the other driver’s license number, drivers license info and his’ or her’s insurance company info and policy number. It is also very helpful to take photos from many angles of all cars involved.

4. Waiting too long to get professional medical care.

Don’t wait too long before you visit your doctor. It is important to get medical treated quickly so your injuries don’t get worse. And the quicker a doctor sees you the more likely you will have a good record of your injuries. This plays an key role in determining the amount to compensation you will receive. Most importantly if you wait too long to see a doctor the courts might feel that your injuries might not have been as serious as you stated.

5. Not following your medical doctor’s directions.

You have an obligation to mitigate your injuries after a car accident. Not following your doctor’s orders can lower the amount of compensation you might receive because it could be preceived that you are not as badly injured as you have claimed. Don’t make a mistake by missing doctor’s appointments or not following your doctor’s orders.

6. Keeping incomplete records of expenses created by the car accident.

As an accident victim you are entitled compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and lifestyle changes. Recording all accident related costs, physical issues and other problems you might have because of the accident will allow you to receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

7. Waiting too long to get legal advise.

The longer you wait to get legal advise the more difficult it will be to obtain evidence and find witnesses. Delayed legal help will most likely hurt your case by allowing you to give the wrong statement to the insurance company. You could also risk losing your accident injury claim if you miss critical deadlines. Call your lawyer now and don’t make a mistake of waiting to long.

8. Settling quickly before your injuries are fully diagnosed.

Many car accident victims will accept a fast settlement to get money quickly only to discover their injuries are much worse than they first thought. Once that happens they have no recourse in getting more money to cover their medical expenses and suffering. Injuries many take time to develop before they can be fully diagnosed. Don’t suffer financial loss by settling your claim to quickly. You need to make sure you know the full extent of your car accident injuries.

If you are in an car accident don’t make these common mistakes that will ultimately hurt your case. Contact an Erie Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney today to get professional representation!