Workers' Compensation Facts for Erie PA That You Need to Know!

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Workers' Compensation facts that will help you with your Erie PA claim.

What benefits am I entitled to if I get injured at work?

If you are injured on the job in Erie Pennsylvania, you are entitled to free medical benefits for the reasonable, necessary and related treatment of your on the job work related injuries. You will be entitled to loss of wages benefits if your work injuries affect your earning abilities. If you are unable to return to your pre-injury job or any light duty job you can qualify for total disability. You qualify for Partial disability if you have an earning capacity, or you must return to your job with some restrictions that force you to earn less than you had been making before you were injured.

If I make a workers’ compensation claim can I be fired?

You can sue your employer for wrongful discharge if you can prove that your employer fired you because you submitted a worker’s compensation claim. It is important for you to remember that your employer does not have to retain your employment simply because you made a workers’ compensation claim or are receiving benefits.

Am I required to visit the insurance company’s physicians?

The answer is yes and no. If your employer had you sign a written statement that you were provided a list of the only doctors that can treat you, then you must receive treatment from one of their doctors for the first 90 days after your on the job injury. Your employer must also have had you sign a document when you started working for your employer. If you did sign both of these documents you will not be required to visit their doctors to be treated for the first 90 days. You will be free to visit any doctor for treatment after the initial 90 days is over. If you need a doctor referral we can provide you one. Our referral doctors can provide you the most professional medical treatment plus they know the legal system well to best serve all your needs.

Does my employer have to keep my position open for me while I have a work related injury?

In the state of Pennsylvania unless you have a written Collective Bargaining Agreement with your employer they do not need to keep your position open. Also they are free to terminate you just as long as they have not discriminated against you because of your race, religion, sex, creed, ancestry or your disability.

Do I need to visit an Erie PA Workers’ Compensation attorney if I am currently receiving benefits?

The answer is definitely yes. Our Erie PA Workers’ Compensation Lawyers do not charge you any additional fees for helping you early on in your case. Actually it is very important that your attorney gets familiar with your case, your medical conditions and refers you to the best physician to treat your injuries. We will also make sure that you take appropriate actions that will maximize your workers’ compensation benefit. Our attorney fees never go beyond the 20% of whatever we get for a lump sum settlement or what we maintain coming in for you.

If you wait to see an Erie Pa Workers’ Comp attorney after you have made a mistake and your benefits are being reduced, you will need to pay an attorney legal fees sooner than later to fight for you to get the benefits that are rightfully due you. In the long run you are better served if you see an attorney immediately after your on the job injury.

Is there a time limit in making a worker’s compensation claim?

The answer is yes, you must notify your employer that you were hurt within 120 days of the injury accident. You are also required to provide your employer detailed information about your injury. You can simply tell your employer in person or over the phone. But you must contact your supervisor, Human Resources Department or manager. Also if your employer does not pay the benefits you are entitled to receive, you have three years from the injury date to file a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

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