Charged With DUI? Talk To A Lawyer

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Why You Should Talk To a Lawyer After Being Arrested or Charged With DUI

Hiring a DUI Lawyer Can Save You Money

How? Yes, you will pay legal fees for your DUI defense attorney, but the amount you attorney saves you can more than counter the legal fees involved. A skilled PA DUI Lawyer at our law firm may be able to reduce the fines you owe and may also be able to minimize your other (non-monetary) penalties.

Fees vary from state to state, and penalties can be based upon circumstances such as blood alcohol content (BAC) or the number of offenses. If you are a facing your second DUI or more, your DUI Lawyer could provide you with substantial savings that more than make up for their legal fees. For a bit more on fees and penalties in PA DUI cases, see our blog post about the True Cost of A DUI in Pennsylvania.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer Can Save Your Job

A DUI conviction usually carries jail time with it. A PA DUI Lawyer may be able to reduce or even eliminate your jail time. A skilled PA DUI Lawyer form our law firm can negotiate a plea deal to reduce or even eliminate your jail time. Even if you have enough vacation time or sick time at work to cover a jail sentence, telling your employer that you are serving jail time because of a criminal conviction would probably not bode well for you. This could also affect your future job searches as well, as more an more businesses are running background checks on their potential employees. So, even if you don’t value your current job, you may be hard-pressed to find a better one later.

Think About Your Insurance Rates

It’s no secret that insurance companies regularly raise premiums for drivers convicted of DUI or drunk driving. Some people are dropped completely, which is not good in a state that requires proof of insurance. If you drive as part of your job, your employer will also require you to have insurance coverage. If you don’t have, or cannot obtain coverage, you may not have a job.

Free Legal Advice About Your DUI Charges

The Travis Law Firm offers a Free Confidential Consultation about your PA DUI case. We can explain your situation so that you can make an informed decision before moving forward. Talk to an experienced PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm today to find out what legal rights you have.