PA DUI Statistics From NHTSA, PennDOT

DUI Related Fatalities in PA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released it’s Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics recently, and while DUI fatalities were reduced in 2013, there are still an alarming rate of DUI-related deaths in Pennsylvania. 1,208 people lost their lives in a car accident last year, 368 of them (30%) were alcohol-related accidents.

PA Alcohol-Related Car Accident Injuries for 2013

PA Lawmakers continue to focus on curbing injuries sustained from a drunk driver. One troubling trend is the prevalence of underage drinking and driving in Pennsylvania, which increased in 2013. 19% of all driver deaths aged 16-20 were attributed to a drinking driver. Some other items of note include:

  • There were an average of 30 alcohol-related car accidents per day in PA.
  • There was an average of 1 person killed in an alcohol-related accident per day in PA.
  • There were an average of 22 people injured in an alcohol-related car accident per day in PA.
  • 381 people died in alcohol-related car accidents
  • 91% of the alcohol-related occupant deaths (drivers and passengers) were in the vehicle driven by the drinking driver; 77% were the drinking drivers themselves.
  • 75% of the drinking drivers in traffic crashes were male.
  • 74% of the alcohol-related crashes were during the hours of darkness, usually on weekends.


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