A PA DUI Lawyer Near You

Charged With a DUI? Facing DUI Charges?

If you have been charged with a DUI, it would be a very good idea to speak to a PA DUI Lawyer right away. Hiring the right DUI lawyer makes a difference, so before you make any decisions, get a free confidential consultation about your situation. Find a local DUI lawyer that you can trust, one that knows all the ‘tricks’ the Prosecutor is going to use against you, and how to counter them.

You Have a PA DUI Lawyer in Erie, Edinboro & Warren

The Travis Law Firm has been helping local PA residents fight their DUI charges for years. We have a team of PA DUI lawyers that may be able to help you keep your driver’s license, keep your record clean, and reduce or eliminate your time spent in jail.

DUI Charges are Serious

In all honesty, DUI charges are serious. Many people charged with a DUI are surprised to find out that Pennsylvania law calls for mandatory jail time – even for first time offenders. A PA DUI Lawyer may be able to help you avoid jail time altogether.

Can I Afford a DUI Lawyer?

The simple truth is, a DUI lawyer can actually save you money – even enough to cover all legal fees. Yes, you will pay legal fees for your PA DUI defense attorney, but the amount your attorney saves you can more than counter the legal fees involved. An experienced PA DUI Lawyer from The Travis Law Firm may be able to reduce the fines you owe and may also be able to minimize your other (non-monetary) penalties. Every experienced PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm knows how to handle DUI cases because, like the Prosecutor, we handle DUI charges all the time.

Free Legal Advice About Your DUI Charges

The Travis Law Firm offers a Free Confidential Consultation about your PA DUI case. We can explain your situation so that you can make an informed decision before moving forward. Talk to an experienced PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm today to find out what legal rights you have.