Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Erie Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorneys

Do I Need a Defense Attorney?

You will need an experienced defense attorney if you are facing any serious criminal charge. Why? How many times have you defended someone in a court of law? Do you know which motions to file (and when to file them)? We have been representing people in Erie PA for criminal charges for decades, we do it all the time. We know what the prosecuting attorney is going to try and how to counter those tactics. Our experienced defense attorneys will not back down from taking your matter to court, but we also look for every avenue to negotiate a plea or get your case dismissed if possible.

What Types of Defense Lawyer Do You Need?

If you have been charged with breaking federal laws, you want to look for an attorney that can dedicate a significant amount of time to your case. Not only are these cases more complex, the case will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, who has a lot of time to form a very strong case against you. The Travis Law Firm has the resources to take on the toughest defense cases, big or small.

Other Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

When Your Freedom is at Risk, Depend on The Travis Law Firm

If you have been charged with a crime, are facing charges, or were falsely accused, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm today for a confidential, free consultation about your legal rights. Make an informed decision before hiring the best Erie PA criminal defense lawyer you can.