Local Police are Ready for Celebrate Erie

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Erie PA’s Largest Summer Festival of The Year Opens Today

Celebrate Erie is a chance for people to experience all that Erie has to offer. Thousands of people attend the family friendly event every year. They come for the Chalk Walk, the bands, , the Kids Zone, the Taste of Erie and the Grande Finale of fireworks over the Bayfront.

Erie Police are Ready For This Year’s Event

Some residents have voiced concern over recent news reports of violence in Erie. In past years, there have been groups of teenagers who attend the Celebrate Erie event simply to cause trouble. Erie police are ready for any disturbances with extra foot patrol officers and bicycle patrols to navigate the crowded streets. Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers states “Teenagers are welcome, but we’re not going to condone unruly groups during the festival for anybody….So, you’re welcome to come down and have fun, but the officers are going to take a zero-tolerance approach for any fights or disturbances.”

No Dogs, No Bicycles Allowed

As the headline states, leave your bikes and dogs at home for this year’s event. Erie city officials have decided to turn away anyone who shows up with a dog or bicycle.

Celebrate Erie Safely

We encourage everyone to take part in the Celebrate Erie festival, both locals and out-of-towners. Erie residents already know what a great town we live in, let’s show the rest of the state (and neighboring states) how to have fun in Erie. We also encourage everyone to be extra careful while celebrating. As we mentioned, there will be additional police out & about, and they will undoubtedly be looking for people who have had too much to drink. Designate a driver if you have been drinking, or take public transit home if you can. The last thing you want is a DUI to commemorate this year’s Celebrate Erie.

Erie PA DUI Lawyer Here To Help

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