Examples of Medical Malpractice Cases

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Medical malpractice can involve anything from amputating the wrong limb to neglecting a patient or injuring a child during birth. So, with such a wide variance, how do you know what constitutes a medical malpractice case? The truth is, that is changing all the time. For the sake of our discussion, we’ll just focus on the more common examples of medical malpractice situations.

Birth Injuries as Medical Malpractice

Birth-InjuryBrain injuries can cause cerebral palsy or erb’s palsy. Neck injuries can result in nerve damage, and tiny bones can break during the rigors of childbirth. If the medical professional did not practice reasonable care to avoid injury, they may be subject to a medical malpractice suit.

Misdiagnosis or Lack of Diagnosis as Medical Malpractice

A lack of diagnosis itself may not be grounds for medical malpractice. If patient’s situation involves a debilitating or life-threatening condition such as not beginning treatment for cancer because of a lack of diagnosis, medical malpractice may come into play. Misdiagnosis can result in a patient receiving incorrect treatment, which could lead to further injury, demonstrating a lack of competent care by the treating medical professional.

Nursing Home Abuse or Elder Neglect as Basis For Medical Malpractice

Common characteristics of all medical malpractice cases involve a failure to provide a standard of care that is expected. Nursing homes have the obligation to provide a standard level of care to their residents. When they neglect the patients in their care, they may be the target of a medical malpractice claim.

Several medical malpractice cases have been filed recently by families who lost loved ones in Golden Living Nursing Homes.

Medication or Anesthesia Mistakes as Basis For Medical Malpractice

Innocent people are injured all the time by being administered the wrong drug, or by taking the wrong dosage of the correct drug. These are by far the most common medication mistakes in medical malpractice cases. Anesthesia errors are  especially dangerous because they can permanently harm the patient in the form of brain damage, or death. Not limited to over administering anesthesia, these cases can include not monitoring vital signs properly, or incorrectly intubating a patient (administering a breathing tube).

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