Good News: Motorcycle Accident Numbers Way Down This Year

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Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Down In 2015

The Erie County Coroner stated that he had logged 11 deaths by September of 2014. It’s now September of 2015 and there have been only 3 so far. There are a few weeks left in ‘riding season’ so, don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. Steve Weston, of the Injured Motorcycle Riders Foundation (IMRF) states: “You didn’t get through 2014 without probably knowing someone personally that was hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident.”

Motorcycle Safety Task Force

Steve Weston is not only the founder of the IMRF, he is also part of the Motorcycle Safety Task Force, formed in response to seeing his fellow riders injured or killed riding their motorcycles.  The task force was established this year by UPMC Hamot, PA State Police, and the IMRF. Weston believes this year’s drop in motorcycle accident numbers is partly attributed to last year’s large number of injuries. Weston states: “There are some psychological changes that I feel have happened in the motorcycle community as a result of the tragedies last year.”

Injured On a Motorcycle? In a Motorcycle Accident? The Travis Law Firm Helps Injured Riders.

If you or a loved one is unfortunate enough to be injured in a motorcycle accident, the primary concern you should have is seeking medical attention immediately. Keep copies of all documentation, including any police reports or hospital bills, as you may be able to be reimbursed for them later. Without the proper documentation, it can be more troublesome to recover damages (payments) for your losses.

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Once your injuries have been properly treated, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at The Travis Law Firm to discuss your legal rights to compensation. Our law firm is proud to partner with the IMRF by attending local biker rallies and fundraisers around Erie PA, Edinboro PA, Warren PA, as well as Bradford, Meadville, and all over Northwestern Pennsylvania. We offer a free confidential case evaluation for you to begin immediately because we are committed to helping injured motorcyclists.