New Instagram Feature Could Explore Underage Drinking

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Popular social media application Instagram may have a new way of monitoring teenager drinking habits. According to text and photos from Instagram, researchers from the University of Rochester identified that this data can expose patterns of underage drinking more quickly and less expensively than traditional surveys but it can also point to new patterns regarding alcohol types or brands being favored by demographic groups. The goal of the research project is to determine how using this data could allow for better intervention. Those under the age of 21 should be aware of how an Edinboro underage drinking charge could impact their future and how social media might even be the start of them getting caught.

Students: Be Smart About What You Share on Social Media

Since Instagram is very popular among the teenage population, it also provides large amounts of information about this target group in the form of text and photos. According to a computer science professor at the university, underage drinkers are more willing to share their alcohol consumption experience through social media. There are downsides with traditional monitoring methods for underage alcohol consumption because teenagers tend not to be honest when participating in surveys about alcohol use.

Although Instagram doesn’t offer a way to select users by age, the research team in this particular scenario was able to focus on users that fit the profile they were looking for, using computer vision techniques. These techniques pioneered by the team at the University of Rochester, educate computers about how to extract information from images on the internet – which is much more complex than extracting data from text.

These computers were then used to analyze the profile faces of the users on Instagram to provide relatively accurate guesses about their age, gender and race. The researchers then explored the drinking activities of the individuals in the Instagram photos by looking at the text associated with the photos in comparison with an internet slang dictionary and any alcohol brands that those same users followed on social media.

What You Say (Or Text, or Comment) May Be Used Against You

The researchers found that underage alcohol consumption happens more on holidays and weekends and at the end of the day. And there was not a strong bias for one gender or another with alcohol consumption. The researchers also identified that different alcohol brands are followed in varying ways by the teenage population and that there was a gender breakdown for following different brands. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with underage drinking, photos on Instagram or other social media sites maybe one form damning evidence.

Being accused of underage drinking is something you should take seriously by getting legal help as soon as possible.

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