What To Do at a DUI Roadblock in Erie

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When you are approaching a roadblock in Erie, Pennsylvania this New Year’s Eve, you need to understand your rights as well as your responsibilities. Upon initial contact coming on a roadblock, you do have the right to refuse any of the officer’s questions, but this may raise his or her concerns about whether you have been drinking and driving. The officer will usually look into your vehicle and attempt to determine if anything is out of the ordinary.

DUI Checkpoints Will Be Out This New Year’s Eve

You may wish to phrase your response by saying that you refuse to talk to the officer until you’ve had a chance to consult with an attorney and that you desire to exercise all your rights guaranteed by the constitution. DUI checkpoints are some of the most common roadblocks that you might encounter in Erie and across Pennsylvania. Their major purpose is as an investigation tactic where police can look more closely at motorists passing through the roadblock.

Usually a roadblock stop is relatively quick although it does give the police officer the chance to check your licenses and your tags and to determine if he or she smells alcohol on your breath. You do still have constitutional rights in this situation.

Don’t Try to Avoid The DUI Roadblock

The police are allowed to stop you for a brief period of time, but they cannot search your car or you unless they have probable cause to do so or unless you agree to the search. Police do closely monitor cars coming towards the roadblock. It is not a good idea, for this reason, to try to evade the roadblock itself. A sobriety checkpoint is usually considered permissible by the courts if you are accused of DUI from this event, but only if the roadblock is conducted properly.

Arrested or Charged with DUI? Talk to A DUI Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

If you’ve been arrested at a DUI checkpoint in Erie, you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney to determine whether your rights were respected and whether the officer handled the situation appropriately. Violations of your rights or mistakes made with the testing of your blood alcohol content could mean that your penalties may be lowered or your charges may be dismissed. Make sure to take your case seriously by getting your free confidential consultation about your legal rights with an Erie DUI attorney today.