Multiple Vehicle Pileup on I-90 Sends Several Injured to UPMC Hamot & St. Vincent Hospitals in Erie

Injury Lawyer for Chain Reaction Multiple Vehicle Crash on I-90

As many as 50 cars were involved in the multiple vehicle crash that sent 22 people to local Erie hospitals for medical treatment of injuries sustained in the accident. I-90 was closed until crews could clear the mile-long wreck from the eastbound lanes. All lanes were closed between exit 32, Route 8, and exit 29. Drivers were diverted to Route 8 by responding officers.

Initial reports from state police indicate that a deadly combination of white out conditions and slippery road surfaces were most likely responsible for the pileup. Then, the very next day, several semi trucks slid off Interstate 90, again in the eastbound lanes. This time, both lanes were closed between the State Line and North East exit.

What Happens After A Serious Accident

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If You Are Injured In An Accident, Don’t Sign Anything

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