Should I Take Cash at the Scene of a Car Accident?

Erie PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer

In An Accident & Now Have to Deal With The Insurance Company

If you’ve ever been hit by someone while driving and heard that unfortunate crunch sound, you know what it feels like to realize that you’ve just been in a car accident. This means getting involved in what can be seen as a process filled with hassles, such as obtaining the other driver’s necessary information, putting your car in the shop and waiting for repairs, and dealing with your car insurance company, as well as the at-fault person’s insurance company.

In the wake of having to deal with these issues,  it can be tempting to decide to take cash at the scene of an accident if the damage to your vehicle looks minimal. If the other driver offers to settle things as soon as possible, it might seem like an easy solution to take the money and put the whole accident behind you.

Reasons Why You Should NOT Take Cash At The Scene Of A Car Accident

There are three reasons why this can be a bad decision, however. You could have injuries associated with the accident that you don’t realize right away. Accepting cash on the spot and failing to get the driver’s information could bar you from being able to file a meaningful claim. There might also be hidden structural damage associated with your vehicle that you don’t realize at the scene of the accident. Finally, people are in general not very good at estimating repair costs tied to their vehicle, even if the damage is easily visible. Taking cash immediately after your Erie car accident could come back to haunt you later.

Protect Yourself And Your Rights – Talk To An Injury Lawyer For Free

Since you are unlikely to know the full extent of damage on the inside and outside of the vehicle, it is a better idea to obtain the person’s information and go through the process of protecting yourself with your car insurance company and potentially an Erie personal injury lawyer so that you can be sure that your rights are protected. Not only that, but it is common for some car accident injuries to not show up immediately. These injuries can be serious, but accepting cash and walking away promises you will never see a penny for future medical treatment of bills. Never accept cash at the scene of an Erie car accident, talk to an injury lawyer at The Travis Law Firm for a free consultation about your rights to compensation.