Can My Erie Field Sobriety Test Results be Challenged?

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If you have been pulled over for another infraction or if you have been stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and the officer believes that you may be driving under the influence of alcohol, he or she may issue a field sobriety test. Although the field sobriety test can provide some indication that you may be under the influence of alcohol, and that further information and testing is required, it is not comprehensive enough or reliable enough to be the only basis of your charges.

If you find yourself questioning the results of a field sobriety test in Erie, you’re not alone. An experienced attorney can help you determine the best way to fight and defend your case.

Should I Challenge My Sobriety Test Results?

There are many different reasons that you may be eligible to challenge the results of your field sobriety test. If you suffer from any mental, medical, or physical problems that could have impacted your performance, you may be eligible to challenge field sobriety test results. For example, individuals who have problems with balance and their inner ear would obviously struggle to complete a walking portion of the field sobriety test. The officer might believe that your dizziness or lack of balance is due to being under the influence of alcohol but your medical condition makes it unable for you to perform that task, even if you were completely sober.

Sobriety Test Results Are Not Final

Additionally, there could be other factors that would influence the results of your field sobriety test. This includes being distracted, tired or even nervous during the testing procedures. The field sobriety test is relatively subjective and an officer should not rely on this alone. If you believe that your field sobriety test results indicated that you were under the influence of alcohol when you were not, you may wish to consult with an Erie DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Challenging the field sobriety test results could be an important component of your case and help you prepare a solid defense in the event that you need to fight a DUI conviction in Erie.

Arrested Or Charged With a DUI? You Have Rights, Talk To A Defense Lawyer

Before you make the mistake of trying to defend yourself for a DUI charge, think about the fact that the Prosecutor handles these types of cases all the time. Trust us, the Prosecutor has developed a few legal techniques over the years, ones that our DUI defense lawyers already know how to counter. Do yourself a favor, protect your legal rights by talking to a DUI Defense Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm today. We offer a free, confidential case evaluation to help you get started.