How Does My Conviction Impact My Ability to Receive Federal Student Aid?

Criminal Conviction Can Effect Federal Student Aid

Any college student in the Erie area who is facing a criminal charge such as underage drinking or driving under the influence probably has many questions about how a possible conviction could influence their life. Being in college, you have major concerns about your ability to access federal student aid. Since many individuals rely on federal student aid to support them through college and pay for tuition and other necessary materials, you need to carefully consider how a conviction could influence your future.

Potential Repercussions For College Students

If you are given parole or probation as part of your conviction, you may still be eligible for federal student aid. That being said, if you were convicted of an offense related to drugs or if you were subject to a civil commitment as a result of a sexual offense, your eligibility may be limited. Even in the event that you do serve your time, you might lose eligibility for your federal student aid benefits for a few years or even forever depending on your charges. This is why you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney in Erie who has an understanding of the potential repercussions for college students.

Drug Convictions Versus Sexual Offenses

Anytime that you have been convicted of a forcible or non-forcible sexual offense, and you have been subject to a civil commitment on the completion of your incarceration period for that offense, you are unable to receive certain types of federal aid like a Federal Pell Grant. You can regain eligibility for federal student aid that was blocked by a drug conviction if you complete an approved drug rehabilitation program or pass through unannounced drug test administered by that program.

Talk To A Defense Lawyer To Discuss Your Legal Options After A Criminal Conviction

If you are able to regain eligibility for federal student financial aid during the award year, you need to communicate this with your college federal student aid office as soon as possible. Talk through your options with your Erie criminal defense attorney so that you are clear about the potential implications of dealing with a situation such as a criminal conviction. A criminal conviction can haunt you for several years to come, but knowing your options for serving the sentence and minimizing the chances that you will be convicted can be extremely helpful. Your attorney should be someone you can trust from the moment you are arrested for a crime. Schedule your free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights with a criminal defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm.