How Does a DUI Impact My Ability to Retain My CDL License and Career?

PA Lawyer For Commercial Drivers License DUI

DUI Conviction & Commercial Drivers License

If you make your living behind the wheel of a truck as many individuals in Pennsylvania do, a DUI conviction is more than just a basic inconvenience and an expense. Instead, it could also be very detrimental to your truck driving career. This is because you are the holder of a commercial driver’s license and it is essential that you understand how a DUI conviction could impact your future.

Truck Drivers Have Different BAC Limits

You should also know what you should do about this situation now in the event that you have been recently accused of driving under the influence. The legal limit for individuals operating a commercial vehicle is much lower than the typical blood alcohol content. Instead, for CDL license holders and truck drivers, this is 0.02%. This means that even a 180-pound man could surpass this legal limit after drinking one beer.

It only gets worse from there. Driving a school vehicle could have even more serious consequences as even having one beer could place you in the high impairment categorization. The penalties are stiffer for this violation. For CDL license holders who are not driving a school vehicle, a blood alcohol content of 0.04% could put you in the high impairment category. As a CDL license holder, it is imperative that you understand that you could lose your CDL license for up to two years depending on the outcome of your DUI.

Commercial Truck Driver DUIs Are Far More Complicated

Any legal matter concerning commercial trucks automatically gets complicated by federal laws, state laws, and a myriad of bureaucratic red tape. A DUI Lawyer who is not experienced with representing individuals charged with DUI in the state of Pennsylvania may make mistakes that could lead to you losing your livelihood and your ability to support your family. If your license is suspended and you drive for a living, this is a significant change in lifestyle in addition to the higher fines you will have to pay and a higher insurance rate.

Charged With DUI? Talk To A PA DUI Lawyer About Your Rights

As soon as you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in the state of Pennsylvania, it is essential to contact an experienced attorney who understands how this can impact not just your personal life but also your career as a CDL license holder. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney today.