What You Shouldn't Do After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Erie PA Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve just been injured in a serious car accident, you should always move your vehicle off the road and contact the authorities but you should also be cognizant of how to protect yourself. Making mistakes after a car accident has happened can be catastrophic in the event that you ultimately file an Erie, Pennsylvania personal injury claim. Read on to learn more about what you shouldn’t do.

Do Not Apologize or Cast Blame on Anyone

Even if you or another individual is hurt, words in the immediate aftermath of an accident can be twisted later on. Comments like, “what were you thinking?” or “I’m sorry” could ultimately be used against you. It is better to simply exchange information with the other driver and avoid any confrontations.

Do Not Leave the Scene of the Accident

Even if you suspect that injuries and damage are minor, do not leave the scene of the accident until you’ve had the opportunity to notify the authorities that the accident has occurred. Give a statement to the police so that you have a copy of the police report into the future.

Do Not Sign or Say Anything After the Accident Has Happened

One of the first things that will happen after a car accident is that you will contact your car insurance company. Your car insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company may pressure you to sign or make statements related to the accident. It is never a good idea to do this without legal representation because again, your words could be twisted and used against you.

Talk To Your Car Accident Injury Lawyer First

Remember that if an insurance agent asks to speak with you after you’ve provided the information about the initial claim, you are free to say no and contact your attorney. Even if your insurance company argues that you need to sign a document, do not do so without having your attorney review this because you could accidentally sign away your compensation rights. Likewise, any settlement offers should not be considered without speaking with an Erie Pennsylvania personal injury attorney about your car accident.

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