Will My Underage Drinking Charge Be Easily Found Online?

PA Underage Drinking Defense Lawyer

In the state of Pennsylvania, an individual charged with underage drinking may be frustrated to learn that his or her charge details can be found in government databases that are readily available to the public for free. When an Erie, Pennsylvania student has been charged with underage drinking, the citation is typically filed with the district court and a docket sheet of your case could be found in the database. A lot of the online companies for running background checks use this very database. They provide these details for a fee, or free to their subscribers.

The Internet Makes Background Checks Faster, Easier

In the past, it was more difficult to identify background search information as a perspective employer would need to initiate a search of government records. But many internet background search companies immediately upload databases directly from the administrative office of Pennsylvania courts so that all individuals charged with underage drinking in Pennsylvania are listed.

What If My Charge Was Expunged?

Although these government records may be removed or expunged from government databases in the future, the charges may still be listed in these background search company websites. This might be surprising for someone who has received an expungement. Having to explain this situation to potential employers can be confusing as well, which is why you should know ahead of time how a conviction can impact your record or perceived record.

Talk To An Attorney About Your Legal Rights

An expungement on its own, therefore, may prove problematic if you are hoping that prospective employers would never discover the offense. This means that an underage drinking charge could be viewed and considered by a prospective employer. The best way to avoid the challenges associated with having an underage drinking charge on your record is to hire an experienced Erie, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney as soon as you have been charged. There are numerous consequences associated with an underage drinking charge and consulting with an experienced attorney as soon as possible is imperative for protecting your rights.