Most Common Myths Believed by Pennsylvanians Arrested for DUI

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Being arrested for a DUI is an unnerving experience regardless of how it happens to you. But falling for one of these myths can be extremely overwhelming and can cause you to make mistakes related to handling your legal defense. Consulting with an experienced Erie DUI defense attorney is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your freedom. What follows are three common myths that can land you in hot water.

Myth #1: Since There Are Mandatory Jail Sentences for DUIs in Pennsylvania, I Am Going to Jail if Arrested

It does not necessarily mean that you will be going to jail even if you are arrested for DUI. Alternative programs including the intermediate punishment program or the accelerated rehabilitative disposition program may allow you to receive or reduced sentence if you are indeed convicted. An experienced DUI lawyer can help negotiate a plea bargain, which may keep you out of jail.

Myth #2: No One Can Prove I Am Guilty of DUI Since I Did Not Submit to the Breath or Blood Test

You give up some of your rights when you refuse to submit to a chemical test when stopped for suspected DUI. The two types of chemical tests in Pennsylvania are a breath test with a breathalyzer machine and a blood draw at a hospital. By skipping the test, you runt the risk of being convicted for DUI anyways and you’ll also lose your license for an additional one-year period. Although you do have the right to refuse, it’s a right you’ll definitely pay for. There are more stipulations surrounding this option, so talking to a PA DUI Lawyer at The Travis Law Firm about your legal rights is highly recommended.

Myth #3: My First DUI is Not a Big Deal, so I Can Handle the Defense Myself 

Being arrested for a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania is a serious matter and can lead to severe consequences. It is imperative that you reach out to an experienced Erie criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged. Only a knowledgeable DUI attorney can investigate all possible avenues for resolution and advise you about next steps. An attorney is also better equipped to determine whether or not the police have violated any of your constitutional rights. Get your free confidential consultation with an experienced Erie DUI defense attorney today – your freedom may depend upon it.