Erie County Crash Injures One and Kills Another

deadly car accident erie county

An accident on Erie County on Interstate-90 injured one woman and fatally wounded a Pittsburg area man, according to the Pennsylvania state police in Erie. A 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene on the westbound lanes of Interstate 90 near Harbor Creek Township.

That driver’s vehicle went off the left berm at mile post 32 and traveled across both travel lanes before striking an embankment near the overpass. The car was then airborne and ejected both the driver and a passenger.

The passenger was hospitalized in fair condition after the incident although the driver died at the scene of the accident. This accident illustrates just how quickly a vehicle crash can happen and leave behind a devastating wake of injuries and death.

All it takes is a couple of moments for a severe car accident to happen but it can change the lives of accident victims and family members of a lost loved one forever. In many cases, accidents caused by one person also involve others including other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and passersby.

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