Pennsylvania Authorities Adjust to New DUI Rules

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Shortly after the fourth of July weekend, which was the third deadliest period for fatalities in drunk driving accidents, police across Pennsylvania have been adapting to new standards and rules for arresting individuals in DUI cases. These changes were made necessary as a result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, mandating that it is a constitutional rights violation in order to demand that a potential drunk driver submit to a blood test after being pulled over. The Supreme Court effectively put new limits on state laws that made it a crime for motorist suspected of driving under the influence to refuse alcohol test. Police, for example, now must obtain a search warrant before mandating that a driver for blood tests in drunk-driving cases.

Although drivers in all 50 states could lose their license for refusing to take a test to determine their blood alcohol content, the ruling impacted laws in 11 different states that would have imposed criminal penalties for a blood test refusal. Pennsylvania was one such state. If you have recently been arrested for DUI and have questions about your rights during the arrest, consulting with an experienced Erie, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can help you.

If you have already been pulled over and charged with driving under the influence, you need insight from a defense attorney immediately. The specifics of your arrest could factor into your defense and effectively minimize or eliminate any penalties. If an officer in any way crossed the line and violated your rights, you have the option to share this with the court. Since you might forget details of the night of your arrest, it’s better to speak to your DUI defense attorney immediately after you’re arrested to start turning the wheels of justice. Your defense attorney will evaluate the specifics of the case in order to represent you in court. Reach out to an experienced DUI defense attorney in Erie immediately.