Who Is Responsible For A Motorcycle Passenger’s Injuries?

Motorcycle Passenger Injuries

When you ride on the back of someone’s motorcycle, you don’t think about the potential for injury. However, a motorcycle accident can happen at any time, resulting in serious injuries that cause permanent disability or disfigurement. The result is often a long and complex recovery, which is expensive.

Filing an accident claim is important if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. An accident claim can provide compensation for your injuries. In many cases, the passenger isn’t sure what to do or who is responsible for the passenger’s damages. Therefore, contacting an Edinboro motorcycle accident attorney is the first step in recovering compensation for injuries sustained in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accidents Involving Other Vehicles

In a motorcycle accident that involves one or more vehicles in addition to the motorcycle, an accident investigation is often required to determine who was at fault for the collision. Many times, the driver of another vehicle causes the collision. For example, a driver may attempt to pass another vehicle and hit the motorcycle because the driver didn’t see the motorcycle in the vehicle’s side mirrors or the driver was distracted. Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure to yield the right-of-way (i.e. turning in front of a motorcycle).

When another driver is at fault for the motorcycle accident, the passenger on the motorcycle can seek compensation by filing a claim against that driver. To recover compensation, the motorcycle passenger must prove the other driver caused the accident, and the passenger suffered damages because of injuries sustained in the accident.

It’s a good idea to hire an Edinboro motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. Our attorneys review your case and all information available while conducting our own investigation. We negotiate a settlement on your behalf to ensure fair compensation for your injuries. If the insurance company refuses to be fair, we are prepared to file a personal injury lawsuit to protect you right to full compensation for your injuries.

A Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

Sometimes, the motorcycle is the only vehicle involved in an accident. The driver may lose control of the bike and go off the road or cause an accident due to some other type of driver error. In these circumstances, the passenger may file a claim against the motorcyclist for the passenger’s injuries. Motorcycle drivers must maintain insurance for such situations. The insurance policy should pay for the passenger’s injuries sustained because of the motorcycle crash. However, the amount of insurance carried may not be enough to cover all medical expenses and other damages. In this case, the passenger may file a lawsuit against the driver.

This situation often becomes more complicated because the passenger knows the driver. If the driver was killed, the passenger might be unsure what steps to take. In these instances, it’s important to seek the legal counsel of an experienced attorney before talking to the insurance company for the motorcyclist.

Contact an Edinboro Motorcycle Accident Attorney For More Information

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to receive compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. Contact a personal injury lawyer to find out the next steps to take to protect your legal right to compensation for your losses. An attorney will explain your options and offer guidance on what to do and how to proceed.

Contact The Travis Law Firm toll-free at (800) 401-2066 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Edinboro lawyers.  Don’t let your personal feelings about the driver keep you from learning about your legal rights. Motorcyclists carry liability insurance for this reason. Don’t be persuaded to forgo your accident claim simply because you are friends with or related to the motorcyclist.