What Are The Worst Things You Can Say After An Erie Car Accident?

Erie Auto Accidents – Five Things You Need to Know

There are so many thoughts running through your mind after a car crash. Do I call the police? How severe are my injuries? What should I do now? Did I cause the accident or did the other driver cause the crash? Should I help the other driver or passengers?

Being involved in a car accident is not a minor event, regardless of the severity of the crash. There is no such thing as a “minor” accident. Every car crash is upsetting and frightening. In the minutes after the car crash, you may find yourself disoriented and unsure of what you need to do. It is in these moments that you can make a mistake that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in a personal injury claim. Just one simple, innocent phrase you utter to the other driver or a witness can undermine your claim and result in you being responsible for the costs of the car accident even though the other driver caused the collision.

Never Say These Words After a Car Accident

The following phrases should be considered “off limits” after a car crash.

“I’m Alright”

Any version of this statement can hurt your case (i.e. I’m okay, I’m not hurt that much, etc.). You may feel okay after the accident; however, this could be due to the additional adrenaline in your system. You may not notice any pain or discomfort for several hours or days after the accident.

Until a physician checks you, you don’t know if you are injured. If you tell others that you are alright or okay, you could hurt your chance of receiving compensation for your injuries.  The insurance company for the other driver will claim that your injuries are “made up” because you said you were not injured in the accident.

“I’m Sorry”

Just like telling someone who is concerned about you that you are okay or alright, it is also common to want to say I’m sorry after a car accident. Unfortunately, you may intend the statement to mean that you are sorry the accident occurred but the other party may interpret your statement as an apology. The insurance company for the other driver will argue that you admitted fault when you “apologized” to the other driver for causing the accident. It is best not to say anything that can be interpreted as admitting fault, including stating you are sorry.

“I think” or “I believe”

You don’t want to imply that you are unsure of something when you have a car accident.  For example, you don’t want to say “I think the other driver read the red light.” The statement should be, “the other driver ran the red light.” Don’t second guess yourself. If you are unsure, don’t say anything at all until you consult with an attorney.  The insurance company for the other driver is looking for anything it can use to deny your claim. Don’t give them an opportunity to question your account of the accident because you expressed doubt yourself.

Call an Erie Car Accident Attorney for Help

As soon as possible after an Erie car accident, call our office for a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer. You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. Don’t let something you say after a car crash keep you from recovering compensation for your damages.

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