Pennsylvania Drivers Speed More Than Most Drivers in the United States

Traffic accidents occur each day throughout the United States. During 2015, 35,092 of those traffic accidents were fatal accidents. Speeding contributed to 27 percent of the fatal crashes in 2015. Pennsylvania did not do very well in controlling speed-related accidents during 2015. According to the report by the NHTSA, our state ranked fourth in speed-related fatalities (540) for 2015. We ranked second highest for the percentage of traffic fatalities related to speeding accidents.

Are Speed Limits a Suggestion?

If you view the speed limit as simply a “suggestion,” you are not alone. Many drivers believe that traveling five to ten miles over the posted speed limit is “okay” and “safe.” However, government agencies work diligently to determine the maximum safe driving speed for each section of road. Speed limits are not simply randomly selected for roads. These limits are based on many factors.

The State of Pennsylvania has posted speed limits according to restraints set for that designated area. Factors such as heavy wind, rain, flood, snow, or mountains can make speeding very deadly. Remember, the posted speed limit is for “optimal conditions.” Any adverse condition can change the safe speed for that stretch of road. This is the reason that many people are ticketed for driving too fast for conditions even though they may have been traveling at a speed lower than the posted limit.

How Can You Avoid a Speed-Related Accident?

Following the recommended posted speed limits throughout the state can help save your life. Safety tips to avoid a speed-related accident include:

  • Safety should always be at the top of the list when driving on any road.
  • Never follow a car too closely on any road — allowing more room between you and the vehicle in front of you gives you more time to stop if necessary.
  • A driver’s ability to react may be delayed due to various reasons, including distractions and driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol. Never drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs and limit distractions to reduce your risk of an accident.
  • Be alert. Know the location of the cars traveling around you.
  • Leave early to allow more time for traffic and other delays. You will not feel as rushed and tempted to speed.
  • If a driver is speeding, move to the right and let the driver pass. It is better to let that driver move away from you before he can cause a crash.
  • Slow down when driving in poor weather. You need more time to stop when the roads are wet, icy, or covered with snow.

Accidents are more severe when speeding is involved. Your risk of sustaining severe injuries are also higher when speed is involved. Most people have no valid reason for exceeding the speed limit. Plan ahead, leave early, and obey the speed limit to protect yourself, your family, and all others who use our Pennsylvania roads.

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