Safety Tips for Motorists Traveling in Pennsylvania During the Winter

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Are you ready to survive winter driving in Pennsylvania? The snow and ice can make for picture-perfect landscapes. However, those same conditions can make driving treacherous. The first step to surviving winter weather on the roads in Pennsylvania is to make sure that your vehicle has a winter survival kit.

Winter Survival Kit for Vehicles

There are several items that you should always keep in your car during the winter months. You never know when you could be stranded on the side of the road or stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate for hours.

Items to include in your vehicle’s winter survival kit are:

  • Warm blanket and change of clothing. You may need to bundle up to stay warm. Keep at least one or more heavy blankets in your vehicle. Also, keep a change of clothing and shoes in case your clothes and shoes become wet.
  • First Aid Kit. You always need a first aid kit in your vehicle for emergencies. You can purchase first aid kits from several retailers, or you can make your own first aid kit. The American Red Cross and gov have lists for creating first aid kits.
  • Jumper cables. Purchase jumper cables with at least 10 feet of cable so that you can easily reach between vehicles.
  • Portable cell phone charger. A fully charged portable cell phone charger can be a life-saver if you are stranded. Always carry a fully charged back up with you whenever you leave home, especially during winter months.
  • Road flares and reflective triangles. You need to alert other motorists to the fact that you are stranded. Place the triangles at least 50 feet behind and in front of your vehicle.
  • Water and nonperishable snacks. If you are stranded for several hours, you need to make sure you have sufficient food and water until help arrives.
  • Snow shovel and sand (or cat litter). You might be able to get moving again if you are stuck in the snow by shoveling around the tires and using sand or cat litter to gain traction.

Other Tips for Pennsylvania Drivers

In addition to making sure your vehicle has all emergency supplies you may need during the winter months if you are in an accident, your car breaks down, or you are stuck in traffic, there are other steps you should take to stay safe while driving in the winter.

  • Always scan the sides of the road for deer and other wildlife. Pennsylvania has a large population of deer and other wildlife that can dart into the road without warning.
  • Before leaving home, check your car’s fluid levels to ensure your vehicle does not need oil or power steering, windshield wiper, transmission, or coolant fluid.
  • Check your battery, especially if you are leaving on a long road trip. Many of the car parts stores will check your battery free of charge.
  • Purchase and install snow tires and/or Always check to make sure your tires have the proper tire pressure according to the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • If possible, plan your route to avoid roads that are not maintained by snowplows and other government equipment. Try to stay on main roads as much as possible.

For more details about preparing for winter driving, visit the PennDOT website.

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