The Dangers of Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

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Motorcyclists love Pennsylvania because we have some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in the northeast. In addition to fun and exciting motorcycle routes, Pennsylvania is also host to several large motorcycle events throughout the year. Unfortunately, motorcyclists in Erie and throughout Pennsylvania face the same risks that riders face throughout the United States.  One of the dangers riders face are being hit by other vehicles and one of the most dangerous types of motorcycle crashes are rear-end motorcycle accidents.

Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents

When a rider’s motorcycle is hit from behind by another vehicle, the impact of the collision can cause the rider to be thrown from the bike or the impact can cause the rider and bike to crash into another vehicle or object. In either case, the force of the impact can cause catastrophic injuries to the rider. When a rider is thrown from the bike, there are usually multiple points of impact which can cause multiple injuries and greater harm to the motorcyclist.

Common injuries that are associated with rear-end motorcycle accidents include:

  • Skull fractures
  • Brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractures and broken bones in the arms, hands, and wrists (often from trying to break a fall)
  • Damaged teeth
  • Facial fractures, including broken cheekbones, jawbones, and noses

Each of the above injuries requires emergency medical attention, and many of them require surgery and months of physical therapy. The damages from these injuries can be substantial in terms of financial losses, in addition to the physical pain and emotional suffering. A motorcyclist can file an accident claim against the responsible driver to recover compensation for these damages and other damages sustained because of the accident.

What Causes a Rear-End Motorcycle Accident?

A rear-end motorcycle crash is caused by a driver colliding with the rear of the bike. There are many reasons why a driver might not stop in time to avoid a collision with your motorcycle.  Common causes of rear-end motorcycle crashes include:

  • Distracted drivers, including talking on cell phones, eating, texting, taking care of children, grooming, and other activities that should not be performed while driving
  • Fatigued or drowsy drivers
  • Drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Aggressive and reckless drivers, including drivers who experience road rage
  • Drivers who disobey traffic laws, including speeding and tailgating

Regardless of the reason why the driver did not stop, a rider should be able to recover compensation if the other driver rear-ended the motorcycle. Unfortunately, insurance companies try to find ways to avoid paying insurance claims. A common insurance tactic is to blame the motorcyclist for the accident, even though another vehicle rear-ended the rider’s bike.

Do not let an insurance company blame you for an accident that was not your fault. The company may try to use unfounded and false stereotypes about motorcyclists to shift fault for the crash to you. Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand these tactics, and we aggressively fight to prevent the insurance company from using these stereotypes to harm the rider further.

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