Car Accident FAQs From an Erie County Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident

The good news is that during 2017, the total number of reportable traffic accidents in Pennsylvania was the twelfth lowest number since 1950. However, for the 1,137 families who lost a loved one in a traffic accident or the 80,612 people who were injured in traffic accidents, the fact that our state did not have as many reportable accidents as other years is of very little comfort.

When you are injured in a traffic accident, your entire life can be turned upside down. Even a so-called “minor” car accident can result in serious injuries that may require surgery, physical therapy, and weeks of lost income. Even for the fortunate individuals who are not seriously injured during a car crash, they must go through the process of filing an insurance claim so they can afford to make repairs to their vehicle.

At The Travis Law Firm, we represent accident victims and their families as they seek compensation from negligent, careless, and reckless drivers who cause car accidents. Call our office to schedule your free consultation with an Erie car accident lawyer. You may be entitled to substantial compensation from the driver who caused the crash.

Other Interesting Statistics About 2017 Car Crashes in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) publishes an annual Crash Facts & Statistics booklet for reportable traffic accidents within the state. According to the information for 2017:

  • About 15 car crashes are reported every hour or about 351 crashes per day across the state.
  • On average, someone dies in a traffic crash every 8 hours, and someone is injured every 9 hours in a traffic crash somewhere in the state.
  • During the year, 1 out of every 44 individuals in our state was involved in a traffic accident.
  • There were 150 pedestrians killed and 4,106 pedestrians injured in traffic crashes.
  • Twenty-one (21) bicyclists died in traffic-related accidents, and 1,137 were injured in traffic-related accidents.
  • There were 185 motorcyclists killed in reportable traffic crashes and 3,052 motorcyclists injured in traffic crashes.
  • The total economic loss due to traffic crashes in 2017 totaled roughly $18.1 billion.
  • Drivers involved in crashes tend to be male more than female in almost all age groups.
  • The most common type of driver error that contributed to traffic accidents in 2017 was speeding followed by distracting driving.
  • In 2017, the number of DUI accidents increased. On average, 28 DUI accidents are reported each day.

For more information about traffic crashes in Pennsylvania during 2017, you can access the report on the PennDOT website.

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