Back To School Safety Tips for Erie County Students and Parents

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Summer break has come to an end and the day that student dread and parents cherish has arrived — the first day of school. As the new school year begins in Erie County, it is important for parents and students to review how to stay safe on their way to and from school. Drivers, parents, and students should take time to review the basic safety rules for avoiding accidents during the school year.

Drivers Beware of Students

Drivers should know that they need to slow down when approaching and driving through school zones. Always pay very close attention to reduced speed limits, crosswalks, and crossing guards. However, drivers must also be very careful when driving through neighborhoods.  Many students will be walking to bus stops or to school. Therefore, drivers need to slow down and watch for children on the side of the road. In some cases, children may be riding their bicycles to school, so be very cautious of riders along the side of the road.

Children are not always cautious when crossing the road because they do not have the maturity to comprehend the dangers fully. Drivers must assume the responsibility for watching for children going to and from school. In addition, drivers need to be very careful when approaching a school bus. Drivers should always stop and wait for the bus driver to indicate it is safe to continue. To protect our children, never drive while distracted.

For Parents and Children

It is important to review safety tips with your children before the school year begins. Some of the safety tips for school crossings and school bus stops that your children should learn include:

  • Do not run across the road to catch the bus.
  • Arrive at the bus stop a five to ten minutes before the bus is due to arrive.
  • If you are walking to the bus, stay on the sidewalk or walk off the road as much as possible.
  • Always look to the left and to the right and then to the left again before crossing the road to get to the bus or the school.
  • Take at least five large steps back from the curb as the bus is approaching.
  • Never participate in horseplay at the bus stop or waiting to cross in a crosswalk.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the doors before walking to the curb to board the bus.
  • Stay away from the rear of the bus or from the sides of the bus because you could be in the driver’s blind spots.
  • Before you cross at the crosswalk, wait for the crossing guard to give you permission to cross.
  • No horseplay on the bus and follow the bus driver’s instructions.

Protecting Your Child During the School Year

We hope everyone has a safe school year. However, if your child is injured, we want to help. Contact The Travis Law Firm at (800) 401-2066 to request a free legal consultation with our Erie County personal injury lawyer. Protect your child’s right to recover compensation for an injury by contacting an experienced Erie County personal injury lawyer.