What Are The Most Dangerous Car Accidents?

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There are thousands of car accidents in Pennsylvania each year. According to PennDOT, there are approximately 351 reportable traffic accidents each day statewide. On average, three people are killed each day, and 221 people are injured in traffic accidents.  During 2017, the state recorded 128,188 traffic crashes. The accidents took the lives of 1,137 people and injured 80,612 people.

While any traffic accident can prove fatal or cause traumatic injuries, some types of traffic crashes tend to cause more serious injuries that are life-changing or fatal.

  • T-Bone or Side Impact Crashes

These types of traffic accidents usually occur at intersections when one vehicle fails to yield the right of way. These crashes also occur when a vehicle is pulling out of a parking lot or side street. A side impact crash can be devastating because there is very little protection between the occupant and the other vehicle. Side airbags can help; however, the impact often causes traumatic injuries, including brain injuries and broken bones on the side of the impact.

  • Head-On Crashes

Even though the occupants in a head-on collision have the front of the vehicles separating them from the impact, head-on crashes continue to be extremely deadly. Because the vehicles are traveling toward each other, the force of the impact is multiplied. In addition, many head-on crashes occur at high rates of speed, making the collision even more catastrophic for the occupants of the vehicles.

  • Rollover Accidents

Larger vehicles such as vans, trucks, and SUVs may be more likely to roll over in a car crash. However, any vehicle can roll over given the right set of circumstances. Rollover accidents are also deadly because passengers are often crushed when the vehicle rolls over. Injuries can be life-threatening. For those who survive, they may be left with permanent disabilities and impairments.

  • Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Pennsylvania interstates are not the only locations of multi-vehicle crashes. These types of traffic accidents can occur on busy city streets too. When pileups occur on the interstate, they tend to be deadly because the vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed. When vehicles slam into each other, the result for vehicles in the center can be catastrophic as the vehicles are rear-ended and forced into vehicles in front of them. Multi-vehicle crashes also make it more difficult for people to escape vehicles which may catch on fire or explode as additional cars crash into the rear of the chain.

Filing an Injury Claim for a Car Accident

If another driver causes a car crash, that driver should be held liable for damages caused by the collision. However, insurance companies do not always treat accident victims fairly. You may be approached by an insurance adjuster offering you a quick settlement for your injury claim. Our Erie car accident lawyers encourage you to consult with our law firm before accepting an offer. Your claim could be worth much more, or it may be too soon to settle your claim because you could have additional damages.

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