Are You Ready for Halloween 2018 in Erie?

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We love to share Halloween events with our clients are readers each year. However, Macaroni Kid has beat us to the task. The talented writers and researchers at Macaroni Kid have done a fantastic job of tracking down Halloween events in Erie. Therefore, we refer you to their website for the longest list of Halloween and Fall events in and around Erie that we have seen online.

Macaroni Kid has links to each of the events on its website, in addition to information about the event. Our NOT TO MISS list this Halloween season includes seven of our favorites. In no particular order, we want to visit:

  • Mason Farms Pumpkintown
  • Erie ZooBoo
  • Sissons’ Pumpkin Patch
  • Port Farms Harvest Fest
  • Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm Corn Maze
  • Wiser Farms Pick Your Own & All You Can Carry Pumpkin Special
  • Sparrow Pond Campground’s Spooky Hayrides and Walk Thru Cabins

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Children Safe

Our entire legal team wishes everyone an enjoyable and safe Halloween. With that in mind, we offer the following Halloween safety tips to keep your little ghouls and goblins safe as they trick-or-treat and enjoy the various Halloween events in Erie.

  • Halloween Costumes

When you choose a costume for your child this year, you need to make sure that the costume fits correctly. Costumes that are too large can cause a child to trip. Likewise, costumes that are too small can restrict movement, such as jumping out of the way of danger. Also, make sure that your child wears appropriate shoes for the weather and terrain.

If possible, avoid masks and opt to use paint for faces. Halloween masks can restrict breathing and vision, making them dangerous. Also, if your child chooses a dark-colored costume, find ways to “lighten it up” to make your child more visible to motorists. You might want to add reflective tape along the hem or cut out shapes in the reflective tape that correspond to the theme.

  • Trick-or-Treating

It is never a wise idea to send children trick-or-treating without an adult. Even the most cautious, safety-minded child can become excited and forget to look for traffic before crossing the road. If possible, go trick-or-treating with a group. Groups are usually easier for motorists to see.

Try to stay on the sidewalk. If you must walk on the road, walk as far to the side of the road as possible. When walking across someone’s property, try to stay on paved, lighted surfaces to avoid trips and falls. In addition, only go to homes that have the outside lights illuminated. When the outside lights are turned off, it is usually an indication the home is not participating in trick-or-treating.

  • Safe Halloween Candy

Remind your children that they cannot eat any candy or treats until you check the entire bag. Remove candy that is not wrapped, the wrapper is torn, or that appears as if someone tampered with the candy. Small, hard pieces of candy can become lodged in a child’s throat. Keep this in mind when allowing your children to have hard candy.

Do not forget your pets. Many pets love to eat Halloween candy, but most candy is not good for pets. Keep the Halloween candy away from pets and remind children not to share candy with pets.

Safe Kids Pennsylvania has great tips for the entire Fall season, including Halloween.

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