How Do People View Traffic Safety In The United States?

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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts an annual survey to gauge driver attitudes toward traffic safety in America. You may be surprised what drivers reported in the 2017 survey.

Some of the key findings of the survey include the fact that most drivers (87.5%) believe distracted driving is a bigger problem than it has been in past years. Distracted driving was the issue that most concerned the respondents. It was followed by traffic congestion, aggressive drivers, drugged driving, and drunk driving. What else did drivers say about traffic safety issues last year?

Distracted Driving in America

Over one-half (60.5%) of drivers admitted they talked on a hands-free device. The report reveals that 49.1% of drivers used a handheld cell phone while driving, but only 24.6 percent of drivers were accepting of the idea of using a handheld cell phone while driving.

Another problem for drivers was texting or emailing what driving. More drivers (96.8%) viewed this distraction as a more serious threat than talking on cell phones while driving (87.7%). Even though almost all respondents viewed texting or emailing while driving as a serious threat, almost one-half (44.9%) of the respondents read an email or text in the past 30 days and a third (34.6%) typed or sent an email or text while driving.

Over eighty-seven percent of drivers supported legislation banning texting while driving or emailing while driving. However, less than one-half of respondents support a total ban on all cell phone use, even hands-free cell phone use.

Drowsy Driving in America

Driving while you are fatigued or drowsy can be as dangerous as driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.  However, almost one-half of the drivers (42.4%) admitted to driving at least one or more days a week after getting less than six hours of sleep.

Sadly, almost all drivers view drowsy driving as a serious safety threat and unacceptable. About one-third of those drivers admit that they had driven at least once in the past 30 days when they were so tired they had difficulty staying awake.

Impaired Driving in America

Again, almost all respondents believe that drinking and driving is a serious threat to safety. However, 13.5% admitted to driving during the past year at least once when they were close to the legal limit or over the legal limit. Almost all drivers view drugged driving as a serious threat or a somewhat serious threat to safety.

Most respondents supported laws that require alcohol-ignition interlock devices as a penalty for a DUI conviction, even for first-time offenders (79.9%). Almost three-quarters of the drivers who responded supported a law requiring built-in interlock devices on all new vehicles.

Holding Reckless and Negligent Drivers Responsible for Their Unsafe Behaviors

When a driver causes a traffic accident through negligence or other wrongdoing, that driver can be held liable. You can file a claim under Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws to recover compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. However, you must prove the driver was responsible for causing the crash. An Erie car accident attorney can help you with that vital element of a car accident claim.

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