An Added Danger for Motorcyclists During the Fall Season in Pennsylvania

Autumn in Pennsylvania and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are well aware of the dangers they face when they rid. Distracted drivers, poor weather, and road debris are just a few of the risks that could result in a motorcycle accident. However, as we approach the Fall seasons in Pennsylvania, there is another danger for motorcyclists who want to enjoy the beautiful fall motorcycle routes in Pennsylvania — falling leaves.

Autumn in Pennsylvania and Motorcycle Accidents

Pennsylvania has some of the most breathtaking fall foliage in the country. Motorcyclists plan trips through Pennsylvania during the fall season to take advantage of the scenery, festivals, and landmarks. It is a great time to ride.

However, it is also a dangerous time to ride. Fall leaves are only one danger for motorcyclists during autumn. Other hazards for riders each fall season include:

1.  Autumn Leaves

The leaves are beautiful when they are on the tree. They are even beautiful when they first fall off of the tree and scatter along the ground. However, fallen leaves can be a danger for motorcyclists. As leaves accumulate and cover the road, they can create a slick surface that could increase the risk of motorcycle accidents. Even when the top layer of leaves appears dry, the underlying layers of leaves could be set and create a surface as slick as ice.

2.  Increased Deer

Deer mate during the fall in Pennsylvania. Therefore, there could be additional deer along the sides of the road, especially in wooded areas. A deer darting across the road or standing in the road around a sharp curve can cause a deadly motorcycle crash.

3.  Shorter Days

Riders need to account for earlier sunsets during autumn. Riding at night can increase the risk of motorcycle accidents, especially in rural areas where drivers may not be watching for riders. Motorcyclists can reduce their risk by planning their routes to end before or with the setting sun.

4.  Colder Temperatures

The temperatures during the mornings and evenings can be very cold, especially when riding a motorcycle. Riders can wear layers to stay warm during the colder hours. Also, riders should keep a close eye on the motorcycle tire pressure, which can fluctuate during colder temperatures.

5.  Additional Sun Glare

When the sun is lower in the sky, it can create additional sun glare. Sun glare can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the motorcycle. It can also make it more difficult to see objects in time to avoid a collision. Riders can avoid this danger for motorcyclists by wearing eye protection designed to reduce sun glare.

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