Car Injury Accident – Do You Need to See a Doctor?

Car accidents can cause numerous types of injuries. Minor injuries might heal with time and rest. However, some injuries may require immediate medical treatment. The steps you take after a car injury accident in Erie can have an impact on the outcome of your accident claim. One of the best decisions you can make is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a wreck.

Why Do You Need to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Two important reasons for seeking immediate medical care after a car crash are:

Protecting Your Health

A car injury accident could result in injuries and conditions that might not be immediately identifiable. For example, you might feel confused and disoriented after the car wreck, but you do not immediately associate those symptoms with a traumatic brain injury until the symptoms worsen or you begin to develop additional injury symptoms. Likewise, you might not associate numbness and tingling in your legs with a spinal cord injury.

Seeking medical treatment after a car injury accident can prevent injuries from becoming worse. After a thorough medical examination and tests, your doctor can diagnose your injuries and develop a treatment plan that gives you the best chance of recovery.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

You must prove that the accident caused your injuries before you can recover compensation from the at-fault driver. You need medical evidence to prove your case. Therefore, seeing a doctor after the accident creates a medical record. Your symptoms are documented in an official record. If your symptoms worsen and the doctor diagnoses you with an injury, you already have a record of symptoms connected with the car accident.

Seeking Legal Advice for a Car Injury Accident

After seeking medical care for your car accident injuries, it is essential to seek legal advice for an injury claim. Understanding your legal rights can help you make decisions about your injury claim that are in your best interest.

A car accident attorney in Erie can:

  • Review your case and provide an honest assessment
  • Gather evidence to determine how the crash occurred
  • Identify the parties liable for your injuries
  • Document damages and calculate the value of your car injury accident claim
  • File insurance claims and deal with the insurance company
  • Negotiate a settlement for your accident claim
  • Monitor deadlines for filing claims and lawsuits
  • File a personal injury lawsuit

The insurance company will offer you the lowest amount possible to resolve your claim, if it cannot find a way to deny your claim. Having a legal team on your side evens the playing field. You have access to advise, guidance, and support. You also have a lawyer fighting to get you the most money available for your injury claim.

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