Common Truck Accident Injuries in Erie, PA

Commercial truck accident injuries can result in a few weeks in a hospital and another couple of months in physical therapy. For some accident victims, injuries caused by a truck crash could require multiple surgeries and many months of challenging and painful therapy. Sadly, some truck accident victims do not survive the crash or their injuries result in permanent impairments.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Large truck accidents can cause multiple injuries. For example, a victim may sustain a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and a back injury. Another victim could sustain severe burns and disfigurement because of an explosion or a fire caused by the collision. Yet, another accident victim might sustain a spinal cord injury that results in permanent paralysis.

Large truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries for the passengers of other vehicles. In over 70 percent of the truck accidents in 2018, the injuries and fatalities were sustained by people in other vehicles.

Because there is a high risk of severe injuries and long-term impairments, it is crucial to seek medical care immediately after a truck accident. In some cases, you might need a medical specialist to treat your injuries. Medical records help prove the severity of your injuries for a truck accident claim.

Filing a Truck Crash Claim for Damages

It is understandable how a commercial truck could cause catastrophic injuries for occupants of passenger vehicles. A fully loaded tractor-trailer outweighs a standard passenger vehicle by about 16 times.

Victims who sustain truck accident injuries can seek compensation for their damages by filing an insurance claim or personal injury claim. The damages available for a truck accident claim include:

  • Past and future medical expenses and bills
  • Past and future loss of income and benefits
  • Reductions in earning capacity because of permanent impairments
  • Pain and suffering damages, including physical discomfort, mental trauma, and emotional distress
  • Disabilities and permanent impairments
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Reduced quality of life or loss of enjoyment of life

The value of truck accident injuries depends on the facts of the case. Generally, severe injuries and permanent impairments increase the value of a personal injury claim. However, sharing fault for the cause of the semi-truck crash can reduce the value of your injury claim.

Do I Need an Erie Truck Accident Lawyer to File an Injury Claim?

The law does not require you to hire a personal injury attorney to file a claim after a truck accident. However, there are several reasons why you should strongly consider meeting with a truck accident lawyer in Erie:

  • Truck accident cases may involve several liable parties who fight to avoid paying your claim
  • Insurance companies and trucking companies fight injury claims aggressively
  • You need an experienced legal team on your side with the resources and knowledge necessary to investigate a commercial truck accident
  • In addition to insurance law and personal injury law, federal laws and regulations can impact your truck accident case
  • Truck accidents can result in permanent disabilities, which can be difficult to value without the assistance of a lawyer, medical specialists, and other experts

You are going up against multi-billion dollars corporations when you file an 18-wheeler truck accident claim. Therefore, make sure you have a legal team on your side to even the playing field.

Call (800) 401-2066 now to schedule your free legal consultation to discuss your case with an Erie truck accident lawyer. We do not stop fighting until we exhaust every chance of recovering maximum value for your injury claim.