The Dangers of Intersection Accidents in Erie, PA

Intersection Accidents Account for More Than Half of All Traffic Collisions

Intersections are dangerous places, and the latest statistics from the Federal Highway Administration says that these crossroads account for more than half of all traffic accidents. Since not only drivers of motor vehicles but pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicyclists share an intersection with users converging constantly in the middle, it’s no wonder that accidents occur.

Getting Help After an Intersection Accident Injury

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Causes of Intersection Accidents

Negligence of one type or another is the usual cause of an intersection accident, and when an injury happens, the at-fault party may be held financially responsible. Some of the most common reasons an accident happens at an intersection include:

  • Rear-end crashes: When one vehicle stops at an intersection red light and the driver behind is distracted, tailgating or committing some other action that interferes with their attention, it can cause a rear-end crash.
  • Red-light runners: Some drivers run a red light out of impatience or because they are traveling too fast to stop. Unfortunately, running a red light or stop sign can end up causing a T-bone crash or strike someone in the crosswalk.
  • Drunk or drugged drivers: A driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs exhibits poor reflexes, cannot judge their distance from other vehicles and other problems, which can lead to a collision.
  • Distracted drivers: A driver who is distracted by talking on a cell phone, texting or other activities can cause an intersection accident. 
  • U-turns: A U-turn can be safely made if the driver is cautious, and it is allowed at that intersection. Committing an illegal U-turn is dangerous, especially since others don’t expect a driver to do it.
  • Left turns: A driver who turns just as the light is changing risks a head-on collision with oncoming traffic. In addition, it endangers pedestrians or cyclists in the crosswalk.
  • Right turns: Risky right turns are common when other vehicles are pulled too far forward or large vehicles block the driver’s view. Right turns are a common cause of collisions with bicycle riders and pedestrians because the turning motorist is concentrating on whether there are oncoming vehicles.

Whether the injured party is a pedestrian, riding a bicycle or motorcycle or in another vehicle, when an accident occurs because of someone’s negligence, they may place a claim for compensation. Personal injury damages awarded include lost wages because the injured party cannot work, all of the medical costs associated with the accident and for their pain and suffering. 

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