How Tire Blowouts Cause a Car Accident

The Effect of Tire Blowouts on the Road

Drivers always need to be in control of their vehicle, and tire blowouts are a surefire way to cause a catastrophic accident. When a tire loses pressure, it results in a blowout. Often this happens because the tire has not been maintained, or the tire could be defective. This can happen with passenger vehicles and big rigs alike. Let’s explore reasons for tire blowouts, who is responsible for the damages and how an attorney can help.

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Why Do Tire Blowouts Happen?

Some of the most common reasons tire blowouts happen are:

  • Overinflation: This can cause a blowout because the tires are stiff and easily punctured or blow apart like an overinflated balloon. When the tire goes over road defects like a pothole or others, it can easily pop. In addition, the excess air distorts the tire’s shape, making it less effective at gripping the road. 
  • Heat: Summer months are hard on tires, and it is a time when most families vacation. Driving long distances or at higher speeds can be dangerous if a tire blowout occurs. Plus, full passenger loads and luggage can strain tires even further. 
  • Reaching a maximum weight: Vehicles have a maximum weight they can carry. It is important to determine this and look for the proper tire inflation to match it. If this is not done, the tires may not perform well or experience a tire blowout. 
  • Underinflating tires: You can damage your tires by underflating them. This causes the internal components to flex and over time they may break off, causing a tire blowout. Your mechanic should service the tires to fix any potential damage.
  • Defective roads: When a vehicle hits a pothole, especially at a higher speed, the tires can be damaged. So can going over a lip when entering a lot or driveway. This can make a cut in the tire, and it will blow out on the spot. At other times, the impact can damage the internal elements enough so that a tire blowout can happen later on. 

Responsibility for a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts are often caused by the following reasons:

  • The mechanic does not do his or her job
  • The manufacturer produces a faulty tire, leading to a blowout
  • The driver does not maintain the tires or check them frequently for problems
  • A company car owner does not fix any problems with the tires or buy new ones when needed

How a Lawyer Can Help

If a tire blowout was due to a defect, the attorney and their investigative team can check to see if the tires were defective. In addition, the investigators can check to see if the tires experienced similar problems in the past. If they have, this might indicate a manufacturer defect, and a product liability lawsuit can be filed. 

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