Six Criminal Defense Myths

What Are Some Common Myths in Criminal Defense?

Over time, myths develop in any discipline, including criminal law. Some of these myths might even be harmful and cause significant pain if taken seriously. In fact, they can affect the outcome of your case and make things more stressful for the accused and their family. Let’s take a look at some common myths associated with criminal law.

Criminal Defense Myth #1: All Criminal Defense Lawyers Are the Same

This is not true –  no more than all people are the same. Professionals differ according to their experience, skills and legal acumen as well as the way they apply them to a case. The criminal defense attorneys differ in their techniques, courtroom presence and successful resolution of prior cases. 

An experienced attorney knows and has dealt with seasoned prosecutors in their area. This helps them anticipate both the weaknesses and strengths of the case, making it easier to advise their client accordingly. They’ve earned the court’s respect and do everything they can for their clients. 

Criminal Defense Myth #2: A Public Defender Is Equivalent to a Defense Attorney and Cheaper

While it is true that a public defender is provided to you by the court and is free of charge, they are not necessarily better or equal to a retained criminal defense attorney. The criminal defense lawyer puts their reputation on the line in every case. This gives them a stake in the outcome. This, along with their lifelong respect for the law, is why many clients prefer to retain an attorney outside of the system.

Criminal Defense Myth #3: You Only See Your Lawyer in Court

This may be true of some firms but not ours. We need to talk to our clients to understand what happened. Without this interaction, it will be very hard to build a solid defense case. We also gather evidence, research case law and help our clients prepare for the trial. By doing this, we increase our chances of reducing the penalties and helping our client overcome their charges.

Defense Myth #4: It’s All About the Money

While lawyers need to be paid just like other professionals, they put in long days to make your case outcome successful. Most lawyers spend years in school learning and then honing their professional skills. This comes at a cost of time and money for them. Most do it because they respect the law and want to learn how to apply it to help others. There are easier ways to make money if that is a singular goal.

Criminal Defense Myth #5: Police Always Tell the Truth

Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, that is not to say that some policemen and women rise up to the bar of truthfulness. However, investigators often tell mistruths to get the information they need. This is a productive investigative technique used by many law enforcement officers.

Defense Myth #6: It Is Best to Tell the Police Everything You Know

While honesty is always the right thing, it is best to do that with an experienced lawyer at your side. In the moments after being taken into custody, you might be nervous and misspeak and take responsibility for something you did not even do. Waiting to describe your side of the story until a legal advocate is present protects your rights when you talk about what happened.

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