Recovering Workers’ Compensation With a Preexisting Condition

Your Employer Cannot Deny You Workers’ Comp Because of a Preexisting Condition

If you have a preexisting medical condition and were injured on the job in Pennsylvania, you may still be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Even if your pre-existing condition contributed to or worsened your workplace injury, you may still be eligible for benefits.

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, a preexisting condition can contribute to an employee’s disability and need for medical treatment and wage loss benefits. If an employee with a preexisting condition experiences any aggravation or exacerbation of their pre-existing condition due to their employment duties, they are likely eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Your Employer Cannot Deny You Workers’ Comp Because of a Preexisting Condition

It is important to remember that your employer cannot deny you workers’ comp benefits because of a preexisting condition. All employees, regardless of any prior medical conditions they may have, are entitled to the protection of the Workers’ Compensation Act if they become injured on the job or suffer from an occupational illness.

Disclosing Your Pre-Existing Condition in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When filing a claim for workers’ comp, it is important to be honest and accurate when disclosing pre-existing conditions on the application. Failing to disclose any preexisting medical conditions could result in your claim being denied if an employer or insurer successfully argues that you purposely withheld material information from them.

If Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied

If you believe that your employer has wrongfully denied you workers’ comp benefits due to a preexisting condition, it is important that you contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney immediately for legal assistance. An experienced attorney can help ensure that you receive all of the compensation benefits to which you are legally entitled and protect your right to work injury benefits in Pennsylvania. Additionally, if your employer attempts to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ comp claim due to your preexisting condition, you may have recourse through an employment law attorney.

Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

The attorneys at our firm are experienced in handling workplace injuries and understand the complexities involved with preexisting conditions. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits available under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act. Contact us today for a free consultation.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the process of recovering the benefits you deserve, even if you have a preexisting condition in Pennsylvania. They can evaluate your case and advise you on the best course of action, whether that means negotiating with insurers or appealing an adverse decision by a workers’ comp judge. It is always advisable to consult an attorney given the complexities of pursuing a successful outcome when a preexisting medical condition is involved.

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