He Said, She Said: Who’s Responsible for a Car Accident?

Comparative Negligence in a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Determining fault in a Pennsylvania car accident is a pivotal aspect of the legal process that follows such incidents. The concept of fault revolves around identifying which party’s negligence or recklessness led to the accident. A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer can investigate a case and determine fault as well as uphold their client’s claim to recover compensation.

Comparative Negligence in a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Pennsylvania operates under a modified comparative negligence system. A party can recover damages their fault was less than 51 percent for the motor vehicle accident. The compensation will be reduced by their percentage of fault.

What an Injury Lawyer Does 

Given the complexities of establishing fault and navigating the legal nuances, getting help from a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer can be invaluable, especially if multiple vehicles are involved. It isn’t unusual for a guilty driver to try and avoid taking responsibility for their actions. An experienced attorney can provide expert guidance, ensuring that evidence is properly collected and presented to support a client’s case. They can also negotiate with insurance companies and, if necessary, represent the client in court to secure the compensation they deserve.

Evidence Collection in a Pennsylvania Car Accident Case

A Pennsylvania injury lawyer’s process of determining fault involves several critical steps. Initially, the attorney conducts a thorough investigation of the accident. This investigation may include:

  • Investigating the car accident includes reviewing police reports for evidence, and determining accuracy because mistakes may prevent the client from filing a claim.
  • Interviewing witnesses can produce corroborated information on how the collision happened. Sometimes, a witness videotaped an accident as it happened.
  • Analyzing photos or video footage of the accident scene taken by investigators can provide further information, including roadway and vehicle damage as well as positioning.
  • Reconstructing the accidents helps build a clear picture of how the crash occurred and who is at fault.
  • Reviewing traffic, business, and homeowner cameras in the area may find footage of the collision when it occurred, which can help determine fault. If the car accident was captured on a traffic camera, it can be subpoenaed.

Once the Car Accident Evidence Is Collected

Once the evidence is collected, the lawyer assesses the legal aspects that apply to the case, such as the specific traffic laws violated and the degree of negligence involved. This assessment is crucial for establishing the other party’s liability. The attorney then uses this information to argue the client’s case, either in negotiations with insurance companies or in court, emphasizing the evidence that demonstrates the other party’s fault. Throughout this process, the lawyer aims to establish a strong, evidence-based argument to maximize the client’s compensation for damages and injuries sustained in the accident.

The Travis Law Firm: Car Accident Claims

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