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Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage Can Really Help

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage While Pennsylvania law dictates that all drivers must carry liability insurance, a considerable number of motorists do not comply. If you are in a car accident whereby the other driver is at fault and does not have insurance, what do you do to get your medical bills paid? You can… Read more »

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Please Be Safe & Sober This Holiday Season

PA Car Accidents: PennDOT & Police Strive to Reduce DUIs / Impaired Driving this Holiday Season Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over – That’s the slogan of a well-known national enforcement initiative aimed to reduce arrests and injuries from DUIs and other Impaired Driving offenses. Teamed with municipal police, PennDOT and PA State Troopers are… Read more »

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PA State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC)

PennDOT and FHA Partner to Form STIC The Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT partnered in 2010 to create the State Transportation Innovation Council, also known as the STIC. The STIC is a team whose purpose is to promote a culture of innovation for creative answers to modern transportation problems throughout the state. The STIC is… Read more »

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Driver Kills Motorcycle Rider in Crash – Suspected of DUI

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Dead – Other Driver Facing DUI Charge A motorcyclist was killed after his bike crashed into a pickup truck in Boswell PA recently. The driver of the truck is being charged for DUI in relation to the fatal accident. Blood test results for blood-alcohol-content (BAC) levels have not been reported yet,… Read more »

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PA DUI Attorney: Breathalyzers Make Mistakes Too

Pennsylvania DUI Attorney with Offices in Erie, Edinboro and Warren PA Being charged with a DUI is a serious offense that can take away your freedom, your job, and your life. With what’s at stake, you would think that your livelihood would not be dependent on inaccurate data. Well, the Pennsylvania State Police no longer uses… Read more »

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Top Questions After A Car Accident

Top 5 Questions After A Car Accident After a car accident, what you do now can affect your legal rights and your rights to compensation for your losses, medical bills, and pain & suffering.  Listed below are the top 5 questions people typically have after a car accident. 1. Who pays for Property Damage, specifically… Read more »

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Erie PA Car Accident Results in Costly Damage

A car accident last weekend resulted in quite a bit of property damage as an Erie man drove his vehicle into the front of a jewelry store on Main Street at approximately 5:30pm. Thankfully, nobody was injured, as the store owner was in the back of the store closing up for the evening. Diamonds and… Read more »