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When Do I Call an Erie Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are injured through no fault of your own, you may be wondering what you should do next. How do you recover compensation for your losses? Do you need to file an insurance claim? Should you file a personal injury lawsuit? When should you call an Erie personal injury attorney? Our Erie personal injury… Read more »

Attorney Grant Travis | Travis Law Firm | Personal Injury Attorney, DUI Defense Attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney | Serving Erie, Crawford, Warren & all of Northwestern PA | Call the Travis Law Firm at 814-277-2222 today!

How to Avoid Winter Illnesses with a Healthy Work-Life Balance

It is cold and flu season! No one wants to be sick much less spend time at home and in bed when they need to be at work. With the holidays approaching, it is important to search for ways that we can reduce the risk of getting sick this winter. One way to avoid colds… Read more »

Does Sleep Apnea Cause Commercial Truck Accidents?

It is common for everyone to experience one or more nights of poor sleep during a month. However, for someone with sleep apnea, getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible unless the person is receiving treatment. Unfortunately, sleep apnea can be life-threatening when a commercial truck driver chooses not to seek treatment for the… Read more »

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What's the Link Between Marijuana Use and Fatal Car Accidents?

It comes as no surprise to most people that marijuana is a hot topic in the news in recent years. But one thing that many people have not paid proper attention to despite all this coverage of marijuana issues and legalization, is the fact that the number of fatal car accidents across the country involving… Read more »

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A recent study by the Insurance Resource Council discovered that accident victims that hire lawyers receive gross settlements three times larger than those who do not hire a lawyer. Only your car accident lawyer has the same interest in your case as you do. The better your car accident lawyer does for you, the more money you get.

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You will usually be greeted by an insurance adjuster immediately after a car accident, and that person will act like they are your friend – they are not. They work for the insurance company and will be looking out for the insurance company’s best interests, not yours. Do not sign any settlement offer or waiver before discussing the document with an experienced injury lawyer.

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We have law offices in Erie PA, Edinboro PA, and Warren PA. We serve all areas of Northwestern Pennsylvania including Bradford, Meadville, and all of McKean County. If you cannot visit us, we will come to you at your home or in the hospital for a confidential free consultation. Before you contact us, please read the legal information below to make an informed decision.

PA DUI Statistics From NHTSA, PennDOT

DUI Related Fatalities in PA The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released it’s Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics recently, and while DUI fatalities were reduced in 2013, there are still an alarming rate of DUI-related deaths in Pennsylvania. 1,208 people lost their lives in a car accident last year, 368 of them (30%) were alcohol-related accidents…. Read more »

Free Pennsylvania Motorcycle Training Courses

Motorcycle season is just around the corner, what better time for PennDOT to begin registration for their free motorcycle training classes? There is something for every rider in the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP). Offerings include beginner courses for those who need to become proficient before heading out on the road, as well as more advanced courses for seasoned riders…

Traffic Accident Deaths Lower Than Ever In PA

PennDot released a report today on 2014 crash data and the numbers are very encouraging. Deaths from traffic accidents in Pennsylvania reached an all time low in 2014. PA began keeping track of this statistic in 1928, so the new low is quite significant. PennDOT Safety Campaigns PennDot is the business of safety, and would… Read more »