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Is an Injury or an Accident Probable Cause for an Officer to Investigate Driving Under the Influence?

In order to pull you over and investigate a potential incident of driving under the influence, a police officer must have probable cause that you have violated the law or are in the process of violating the law. Probable cause refers to reliable information existing to support a reasonable belief that someone has committed a… Read more »

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What Is Probable Cause for a DUI Stop?

In order to arrest someone for a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania, a law enforcement officer needs to have probable cause. Probable cause simply means that this individual has reasonable belief that a crime is being committed or has been committed. The officer has to be able to articulate clear reasons for this belief…. Read more »

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How Does a DUI Impact My Ability to Retain My CDL License and Career?

DUI Conviction & Commercial Drivers License If you make your living behind the wheel of a truck as many individuals in Pennsylvania do, a DUI conviction is more than just a basic inconvenience and an expense. Instead, it could also be very detrimental to your truck driving career. This is because you are the holder of a… Read more »

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PA State Police See Increase in Car Accidents During Memorial Day Weekend

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