FBI Getting Involved in Erie Gun Crime Problem

Erie PA police are taking a more assertive approach to an increasing problem with gun crimes in the area. One of the biggest changes is the involvement of the Erie office of the FBI and their focus on seizing illegal firearms.

Shootings and Homicides Increased in 2014

In 2014, 49 people were injured in Erie by gunfire, that number rose to almost 60 in 2014. Of the 13 homicides in Erie County, 11 were in the city limits of Erie and 10 victims died as a result of the shooting. Erie police investigated over 400 reports of shots fired in 2014, up sharply from 176 reports in 2013.

Until now, the FBI hadn’t had an active role in Erie’s anti-gun initiative because most offenses involved juveniles. Juveniles are typically prosecuted by county courts, rather than federal courts. Pennsylvania has very strict rules governing which guns are allowed, who may have them, and how they are kept.

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