Five motorcycle safety tips that can keep you safe as you enjoy riding on roads throughout northwestern Pennsylvania include:

1.  Always Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets save lives. You may not like wearing a helmet, but the evidence cannot
be denied. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can reduce the risk of death in a crash by over one-third and reduce the risk of head injuries by nearly seventy percent.

2.  Be Visible to Other Motorists

A common cause of motorcycle accidents is negligent motorists. Other drivers do not pay enough attention to look for motorcyclists. Because your motorcycle is smaller than other vehicles on the road, it is important to increase your visibility. Wear brightly colored clothing and helmets, use hand signals with turn signals, make sure your lights are working properly, and consider aftermarket additions to your motorcycle that can increase the chance a motorist does not miss seeing you on the road.

3.  Know the Traffic Laws

A good way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to know and obey Pennsylvania traffic laws, especially specific motorcycle laws.  Also, being familiar with the roads you are riding on in northwestern Pennsylvania can reduce your risk of being in a motorcycle accident. Whenever possible, map out your route before leaving and check the route for any dangerous conditions, such as sharp curves, blind spots, and road construction areas. With Google maps, you can get a good idea of the general terrain where you will be riding before you leave home.

4.  Don’t Drink and Drive

Alcohol and motor vehicles do not mix. Even if your blood alcohol level is not above the legal limit, any amount of alcohol in your system can slow your response time when you are riding. You need to be alert to avoid motorcycle accidents. If you intend to consume alcohol, leave the driving to someone else. In addition to being dangerous, a motorcycle DUI conviction could mean you won’t be riding your motorcycle for a long time.

5.  Be a Defensive Driver

When you are riding a motorcycle, it is better to err on the side of caution. Using defensive
driving skills, such as allowing more space between your vehicle and other
vehicles, driving slower, and closely watching others around you to see what
they are doing, can save your life when you are riding in northwestern
Pennsylvania. You may want to consider taking a defensive driving course, especially
if you do not have very much experience riding a motorcycle.

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