Are you facing domestic violence charges?

Domestic Violence is a wide area of offenses that can include false imprisonment, assault & battery, or almost any act that can cause injuries to someone else. Domestic violence is not limited to spouses and domestic partners. The charge can also be applied when violence is directed at children, parents, or even people that are simply dating.

Once a person has been charged with domestic violence, he or she is typically ordered not to communicate with the victim and not to return to the residence, even if it is also the residence of the accused. These charges can adversely affect your reputation, your personal life, a divorce, custody battles, and child support matters.

Charges May Not Be Dismissed

Due to recent policies in Pennsylvania courts and aggressive prosecution by legislators, domestic violence charges are being dismissed less frequently every year. A state prosecutor may also press domestic violence charges regardless of whether the victim wishes to withdraw his or her accusations.

Contact Our Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

The criminal defense attorneys at The Travis Law Firm know that an accusation of domestic violence or domestic abuse does not indicate proof of wrongdoing. We understand that claims of domestic violence or domestic abuse can have serious repercussions for the accused, and we want to provide legal counsel for those who need to defend their rights. Contact a domestic violence attorney at our law firm today for a free & confidential case evaluation about your legal rights.