Have you been accused of criminal actions at work by employers, clients, or even co-workers?

Defense Against False Accusations in The Workplace

Many professionals are accused of criminal actions at work by employers, clients, or even co-workers. Teachers or any other person working around children face an even higher risk. Nothing will damage your name, and possibly your career, faster than a false accusation of child abuse, child neglect or assault on a child. False accusations can include (but are not limited to) sexual harassment, neglect, assault or theft.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Your professional reputation is at stake, so clearing your name is paramount. The hiring of an attorney for criminal accusations should not be taken lightly. You need to hire an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights and freedom during an investigation. The Travis Law Firm offers a free & confidential consultation about your case to help you make the most informed decision.

Investigations Can Be Overwhelming

You may be investigated by the police, your employer, a private investigator, or social services. The process, methods and results vary from case to case, but rest assured, they are all complicated and take an enormous amount of time to defend. There are pitfalls all along the way that can harm your case, and time limits to submit pertinent data or evidence. When your every move is being scrutinized, call The Travis Law Firm to protect your best interests.

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The Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Travis Law Firm have extensive experience litigating in Pennsylvania courts. Each Defense Attorney at our law firm is fluent in Pennsylvania Law to protect your rights and freedom.