An assault charge is the result of a fight between two or more individuals.

Most times, when we trace the source of the fight, we find an emotional response to something else that simply got out of control. You can be charged with assault in relation to a domestic dispute, or an isolated incident involving you and someone else at a sporting event, bar, private party, or anywhere.

Whatever the situation, when you are charged with an assault, your rights and freedom are at stake. Hiring an experienced assault charge defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm provides you with legal representation to protect your best interests. We fight hard to get you the best possible result for your case.

Types of Assault

Simple assault is the most commonly used charge, but in actuality, the only thing simple about simple assault is the name. For instance, if you strike another person, you could be charged with a second degree misdemeanor. If both you and another individual strike each other over the same argument, you could both be charged with a third degree misdemeanor – a lesser charge of simple assault.

Since an assault can take on a variety of circumstances based upon the situation, the assault charges vary, based upon the factors involved. The most serious of assault charges is aggravated assault – whereby a person assaults another with the intent to cause, or resulting in, serious bodily injury.

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