The Travis Law Firm is a team of Pennsylvania attorneys that specializes in criminal defense litigation, fighting drug charges, and protecting the rights of those charged with possession of narcotics.

We are located in Northwestern Pennsylvania, with offices in Erie, Edinboro and Warren to serve you. We fight for clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania to help them reach the best possible solution for their case.

Mandatory Sentencing & Bail Reductions

Both the state and federal government have been increasing mandatory sentences in narcotics cases. They have also been more aggressive with seizure of property during drug arrests. Without a qualified attorney fighting for your rights, the government can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Property Siezed? The Travis Law Firm will fight for you.

Loved one in Custody? Bail Too High? Bail Funding Required?

The Travis Law Firm can help you.

When you or a loved one are faced with drug charges or an investigation, when pleading guilty would not be in your best interests, you can count on The Travis Law Firm to fight for the very best outcome for your situation. We offer a free and confidential case consultation.

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Whether the prosecution is in Erie, Crawford, or Warren County, we can help you make an informed decision about your case. Contact a drug charge defense attorney at The Travis Law Firm today to discuss your options. Your freedom may depend on it.