Accident Claims The Life of Local Motorcycle Rider

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Deadly Motorcycle Accident in Erie

A local man was killed Friday afternoon when his motorcycle struck a curb and the rider was thrown into a nearby light pole. While police are investigating the accident by collecting & reviewing surveillance footage from local businesses, they are still reaching out to any witnesses who may have seen exactly what happened. Initial reports indicate a car was making a left turn in front of the motorcycle when the rider swerved to avoid the passenger vehicle, which sent the motorcycle into the curb and the rider into the light pole.

Please Help If You Can

At this time, police do not believe the motorcycle rider was traveling at an excessive speed. According to at least one witness at the scene, both the driver of the passenger vehicle and the rider of the motorcycle had a green light at the time of the crash. It is not known whether or not the driver of the car saw the motorcycle before the accident, and fault has not been determined yet. Police are urging anyone else who may have seen the accident to please come forward to assist in their investigation.

IMRF Uses This as A Reminder

The Injured Motorcycle Riders Foundation (IMRF) held their annual fundraiser on Saturday. One of the attendees at the event reminded everyone about the importance of being aware that cars may not be looking for riders. Often times, people in cars simply look for another car before proceeding. Riders need to be on the defensive to avoid a crash, regardless of who is at fault.

PA Motorcycle Injury Lawyer | Erie, Edinboro, Warren, Meadville, BradfordVictim Not Wearing a Helmet

Police report that the deceased rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. It is not known whether or not a helmet would have saved this man’s life, but we all know the benefits of proper protection in a motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet, jacket, gloves, long pants and boots may not be indestructible, but they are certainly better than nothing at all.

Help for Injured PA Motorcycle Riders

If you or a loved one is unfortunate enough to be injured in a motorcycle accident, the primary concern you should have is seeking medical attention immediately. Keep copies of all documentation, including any police reports or hospital bills, as you may be able to be reimbursed for them later. Without the proper documentation, it can be more troublesome to recover damages (payments) for your losses.

More About What To Do At The Scene Of A Motorcycle Accident

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Once your injuries have been properly treated, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at The Travis Law Firm to discuss your legal rights to compensation. Our law firm is proud to partner with the IMRF by attending local biker rallies and fundraisers around Erie PA, Edinboro PA, Warren PA, as well as Bradford, Meadville, and all over Northwestern Pennsylvania. We offer a free confidential case evaluation for you to begin immediately because we are committed to helping injured motorcyclists.